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Why should you hire Broom Hildy Cleaning Service of Titusville, Fl, 321-593-0779

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

There are SO many cleaning companies out there, where do you start? Call Broom Hildy Cleaning Service today to clear all of the confusing areas up! One of the top reasons why is we don't have any subs or independent contractors. Many companies hire whomever they can and have them working out of the trunk of their car, they basically get paid to answer the phone. These people typically don't have Workers Comp insurance which protects you in the event someone gets hurt while working on your property. If this happens, you and your homeowners insurance will foot the bill for medical bills and damages. The long term effects of making this bad decision to save a few dollars can cost you thousands of dollars if not more. Always verify companies have the proper insurance before allowing them to go to work on your property. Companies hire subs and independents so they don't have to pay to cover with this valuable coverage. Here is a great article by an attorney on the subject.

Another reason is ALL of our employees are background checked and screened. We make sure no one with any real problems in the past are in your home with access to any valuables. We are not so desperate that we have to hire just anybody, we make sure they are qualified to be in your home performing services without you being worried about theft or damage.

We also carry $2 million general aggregate liability insurance. Should anything unforeseen happen accidentally while our employees are on the job, you're covered, plain and simple.

Our rates are competitive with others AND you can rest assured you're covered in the event of an unforeseen accident, how great is that? We also have over 500 5 star reviews you can check out

Call us today for a free price quote, we are here 7 days a week and after hours for you! 321-593-0779. If you'd rather book online, send us an e mail at

Thank you!

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